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  • Air Refill PCP Rifle

    Hello one and all

    I will receive my rifle in couple of days , so i start buying equipements

    A 3L bottle is on the way but i need a refill hose

    The question is do i need a pressure gauge on it while I have one on the rifle ?





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    Hi Steph,
    I prefer a gauge in the fill, if the one in the rifle is flimsy.
    Another thing, a 3L bottle is too short, unless you have a compressor at home.
    I have a 7L (the 1st I bought but it proved to be too heavy to transport) and a 4L. I started with both fill (I do it in a diving shop) and then use the 4L in the field. When I return I couple both bottles and refill the 4L from the bigger brother.
    A full 300bar 4L bottle, with rifles full, 200bar, gives me 8 recharges easily.
    A full 300bar 7L bottle, gives me 5 refill to the 4L, but at each refill the bars go down, and so too the number of rifle refills.
    So if you go for a solution like me, buy a big 300bar 12L to stay at home. It will give greater autonomy but when needing a refill be prepared for the heavy weights...

    Whatever you do, please pick establish brand bottles, treat them well, and make the hydraulic tests every 5 years.


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      Stéphane, il te faut aussi un flexible pour raccorder ta bouteille aux vannes du bureau et même peut-être à une autre bouteille si tu en achètes une grosse.
      Pédro, confirmez-vous?
      Par exemple: Le vieux plongeur , rubrique "Bouteilles..."